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Lección 14
Comprensión Oral

 Janet Castrejon
Conozca a la Maestra



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Inglés Intermedio
Lección 14 - Animals (Animales)

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Lectura en Inglés

Repaso de Palabras Claves
affectionate - cariñoso   
playful - juguetón
protect - proteger
cuddle - abrazar
quiet - callado
cage - jaula
mouse - ratón (plural - mice)   
guinea pig - conejillo de Indias; cobaya


Buying a Pet
(Comprando una Mascota)

Are you interested in buying a pet?  What kind of pet should you buy?  If you want a pet that you can play with, buy a dog.  Dogs make wonderful pets.  They are affectionate and playful animals and they can even protect your house.

If you want a quieter animal that will cuddle with you on the sofa while you watch TV, buy a cat.  Cats are clean animals and you don't need to take them out for a walk like you do for a dog.

If you're allergic to animal hair or you live in a smaller place, try a small caged animal such as a hamster.  Hamsters are easy to care for and they won't wake the neighbors.  Mice and guinea pigs are other small caged animals that are very popular. 

Birds also make great pets.  A bird cage can fit even in the smallest of apartments.  They can wake you up in the morning with their beautiful song.  

Want a pet that requires very little care, is small, and is very quiet?  Try buying a fish.  Watching fish swim around in an aquarium is very relaxing.

Pets can bring a lot of happiness into your life but remember that having a pet is a big responsibility.  Make sure that the pet fits into your lifestyle.  If you love and care for them, they will give you their affection in return.  

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Escribe oraciones superlativas de los animales del artículo. Usa el adjetivo dado para formar el superlativo.


1. playful

2. small

3. relaxing

4. beautiful singers


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