Inglés Intermedio
Lección 13
Comprensión Oral

 Janet Castrejon
Conozca a la Maestra



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Inglés Intermedio
Lección 13 - The City (La Ciudad)

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What's the city?

Lee la descripción y adivina cual ciudad es.

1. This city has a LOT of people. The language in this city is Spanish. There are ancient Aztec ruins under the city. It is the capital of its country. There are pyramids outside this city.

2. This is a city in the United States that is famous for movie production. The weather is warm all year in this city. The city is near the ocean and near some mountains.

3. This city is the home of a very famous art museum called the Louvre. It is famous for great food and shopping. It has a very famous tower.

4. This city is the home of the famous basilica San Marco. This is a romantic city which is famous for its canals. You need to take a boat instead of a car to travel around this city.

5. This city has beautiful architecture including a famous cathedral designed by Antoni Gaudí called La Sagrada Familia. There is a very popular Picasso museum in this city. The people speak Spanish and Catalan in this city.



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