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Lección 11
Comprensión Oral

 Janet Castrejon
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Inglés Intermedio
Lección 11 - Transportation (Transporte)

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Lectura en Inglés

Repaso de Palabras Claves
struggle - batallar   
blame - culpar
near - cerca
claim - afirmar
sort - organizar, clasificar   


The News Gazette
Monday, May 1st           25 cents

Four Witnesses, Four Different
Stories about Car Accident

Police are struggling today to find out exactly what happened at the corner of First Avenue and Main Street yesterday because all of the witness tell a different story. The accident occurred late yesterday afternoon between a red car and a blue car.

An elderly woman was standing on the street corner when the accident happened. Police say that she reported that the red car was driving very fast and then quickly stopped when the traffic light changed. She blames the accident on the red car.

A man who was selling newspapers on a corner near where the accident happened claims, on the other hand, that the accident was the blue car's fault. He says that the driver in the blue car wasn't paying attention. When the red car stopped he didn't notice until it was too late. He hit the red car.


A man who lives nearby was working in his yard when the accident happened. He said that he thought he saw a dog run out into the street in front of the car. No other witnesses reported seeing a dog.

Also, a group of children were playing nearby but they claim that they didn't see anything.

Police are busy sorting through evidence collected at the scene as well as the conflicting witness reports. They hope to resolve the case soon.

Describe lo que estas personas estaban haciendo durante el accidente.

The elderly woman/stand on the street corner

1. The newspaper salesman/sell newspapers

2. The neighbor/work in his yard

3. The children/play


Lección Escrita

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