Inglés Intermedio
Lección 1
Comprensión Oral

 Janet Castrejon
Conozca a la Maestra



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Inglés Intermedio
Lección 1 - Greetings (Saludos)

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REPORTER - I'm talking with 90-year-old Phil Andrews who leaves tomorrow on a trip around the world.  He's hoping to set a new world record.  He'll be the oldest man to travel around the world. 
How do you feel, Phil?

PHIL - I feel great.  I'm excited about the trip.  

REPORTER - How are you going to travel?

PHIL - International Airlines is sponsoring my trip.  They're letting me fly free for this month because, thanks to reporters like you, they're getting publicity in return.   

REPORTER - What countries are you visiting on the trip?

PHIL - I'm stopping in Portugal where I hope to spend a day relaxing on the beach.  In Egypt I'm going to spend a day seeing the Egyptian pyramids.  I'm stopping in India where I hope to see the Taj Majal.  In Thailand I'm going to spend some time in Bangkok.  I'm also stopping in Hawaii to spend a day surfing.


PHIL - Just kidding.  I haven't been surfing since I was 70.  

REPORTER - 70? Wow!

PHIL - The final stop is in Mexico where I hope to listen to some of that wonderful Mariachi music before I fly home.

REPORTER - Wow!  Won't you get tired?

PHIL - My doctor says that I'm in better shape than him.  I swim every morning.

REPORTER - Well, good luck.  Send me a postcard from one of your destinations.



Escribe las palabras en orden para construir las oraciones correctamente.  Asegúrate de que escribiste correctamente las letras en mayúsculas o minúsculas como corresponde y que escribiste el punto o signo de interrogación al final.  Para corregir haz clic en el botón "Revisar." 

1. I'm trip excited the about .

2. countries What visiting are the you trip on ?

3. stopping the to where India I'm in I see hope Taj Majal .

4. doctor than better that My I'm in says shape him .

5. you to your hope from pictures I trip see when back get.



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