Inglés Básico
Lección 15
Comprensión Oral

 Janet Castrejon
Conozca a la Maestra



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Inglés Básico
Lección 15 - Weather (El Tiempo)

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AGENT - Welcome to Happy Trails Travel Agency.

MAN - I want to go somewhere this weekend but I don't know where.  Where do you recommend?

AGENT - Well, it's sunny and warm at the beach.  There's a special at the Bongo Beach Hotel this weekend.  It's two nights for the price of one.

MAN - No, it's too hot at the beach.

AGENT - How about the mountains?  There's a wonderful ski lodge in the mountains.  The trees are full of snow at this time of year.  It's so beautiful.

MAN - It's too cold in the mountains.

AGENT - Ok.  What about at the lake?  Fredrick's Lake has a cute little guest house that you can stay in? 

MAN - No.  It's too rainy at the lake.

AGENT - How about the moon?!  It doesn't rain there.



Escribe las palabras en orden para formar oraciones.  Asegúrate de que escribiste correctamente las letras en mayúsculas o minúsculas como corresponde y que escribiste el punto o signo de interrogación al final.  Para corregir haz clic en el botón "Revisar." 

1.  beach      It's      hot      too      at      the      .

2. you      recommend      Where      do      ?

3.  mountains      too      It's      in      cold      the      .

4.  want      somewhere      I      to      this      go      weekend      .

5.  too      at      rainy      It's      lake      the      .



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