Inglés Avanzado
Lección 6
Comprensión Oral

 Janet Castrejon
Conozca a la Maestra



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Inglés Avanzado
Lección 6 - House (La Casa)

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Aprende cinco expresiones en inglés relacionadas al tópico de la lección.


Expresiones en Inglés

Aquí están cinco expresiones del inglés americano que están relacionadas con el tópico de esta lección.

at the end of my rope - al limite de mi paciencia

fishy - sospechoso

jump the gun - precipitarse

right away - inmediatamente

would rather - preferir

Selecciona la expresión correcta en la conversación siguiente.

SHARON - I'm having a lot of problems with my son Tom. I'm with him.

PAM - Why?

SHARON - I asked him three times to clean his room and he didn't. Finally I said that he needed to clean his room or he couldn't go out with his friends this Saturday.

PAM - Did he do it?

SHARON - Yes. He finally did it.

PAM - You need to be strict with teenagers or they'll take advantage of you. The other night Sam came home late from the football game and went straight into his room without saying anything to us. I thought it seemed because he usually comes into the living room and talks to us when he comes home. I went up to his room and knocked on his bedroom door. When he opened it I noticed the smell of alcohol on his breath.

SHARON - What did you do?

PAM - I told him that my husband and I would talk to him about it the next day after school and we would decide what his punishment would be. The problem was that the next day my husband . He didn't wait for me to get home from work. He sat down with Sam and talked to him about it.

SHARON - What punishment did he give him?

PAM - He said that he needs to come straight home after school for the next month and that he can't go out with his friends. I take away his car for punishment, because I know how much he loves his car.

SHARON - Since your husband didn't wait for you I guess it's too late to change the punishment now.

PAM - Yes.


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