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Lección 5
Comprensión Oral

 Janet Castrejon
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Inglés Avanzado
Lección 5 - Family (La Familia)

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Family Rules

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CATHY - Hi Nancy! Where are your kids?

NANCY - They're at home cleaning their rooms.

CATHY - Really? Wow. I wish my kids would clean their rooms.

NANCY - We made a new list of rules for the kids. If they obey all of the rules they get a $5.00 allowance on Sunday.

CATHY - What are the rules?

NANCY - They have to clean their rooms once a week, do their homework every day, and they have a different housecleaning job each week. One week they clean the bathrooms, another week they vacuum the living room, each week it's a different chore.

CATHY - That's great. I wish my kids would help me around the house.

NANCY - Oh, and they have to wash dishes once a week too.

CATHY - How's it working so far?

NANCY - So far it's working out pretty well. They complained a lot at first about the work but they like the allowance. It really helps me a lot because I used to do all of the housework myself.

CATHY - I think it's a great idea. I remember when I was little I had to help my parents with housework.

NANCY - Me too. I had to do my homework right when I got home from school. After that I had to help my mom get dinner ready.

CATHY - I grew up on a farm so we had to feed the chickens every morning before school. We helped my parents a lot on the farm. When I was older I had to help milk the cows too.

NANCY - I think it's important for kids to help around the house. It teaches them responsibility.

CATHY - Yeah, and they learn how to do housework. When Bill and I got married he didn't know how to do anything. He didn't have to help his mom with housework when he was little so he never learned how to wash clothes or clean the house. I had to teach him so that he could help me.


Escribe las palabras en orden para construir las oraciones correctamente.  Asegúrate de que escribiste correctamente las letras en mayúsculas o minúsculas como corresponde y que escribiste el punto o signo de interrogación al final.  Para corregir haz clic en el botón "Revisar." 

1. I    wish    house    help    me    around    my    would    the    kids    .

2. too    older    the    When    was    I    had    to    help    cows    milk    I    .

3. chickens    We    had    feed    to    school    before    the    .

4. didn't    He    help    have    his    to    mom    when    was    he    little    .

5. I    had    to    teach    him    so    that    he    could    help    me   .



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